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I'm Paul (aka Blink), and I make wands and various other items out of Irish bog oak, a wood preserved for thousands of years in the bogs of Ireland. On this site you can find examples of my previous work, as well as items currently for sale. If you see anything you are interested in that has already been sold, or have any ideas of your own you would like me to make, send me a message and I can work with you to create a custom made piece just for you.

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Featured Item

bog oak dip penDip Pens *New*

These dip pens are my latest creation. Each is hand crafted from Irish bog oak, then oiled to bring out the true natural blackness of the ancient woods colour. The pen nib is a rare Myers and sons fine silver plated vintage nib. They are available to buy on eBay, Etsy and at The BlinkMore Store

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Price:  25.00